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The Canadian Multifamily Investing Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

Properties in smaller cities come with lower upfront costs while yielding high cap rates. Investing in smaller markets offers many benefits including the opportunity to be part of a close knit community and having direct impact on your surroundings.

As an experienced investor for 15 years, Elizabeth Kelly has a passion for helping people achieve their financial dreams through real estate. Approaching 400 units, she has a full-time focus in property management and real estate investment in Kirkland Lake, bringing about a breadth of knowledge.

In this episode you’ll uncover:

  • What to look for when assessing properties in smaller markets
  • How to adjust your strategy according to the market you’re in
  • Secondary factors you need to consider when looking at buildings
  • Three-tiered corporate structure
  • Financing advice and turnover strategies
  • Moving from gaining knowledge and taking action
  • Benefits of investing in smaller markets


“Apartment building investing is a marathon, not a sprint”


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Elizabeth Kelly - Sandstone Management Inc., Kirkland Lake


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Peak Multifamily Investments

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