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The Canadian Multifamily Investing Podcast

May 6, 2021

Investing in apartment buildings is a game of patience; it should be part of a long-term strategy to create generational wealth. With the competitive demand of multifamily investing, it is necessary to stay well-connected and network with others also investing in real estate, no matter the location. In this interview, we speak with Mark Loeffler, a successful real estate sales representative, and award-winning investor. If you’re looking to learn about different income streams, including multifamily investing, this episode is for you!

Mark is a private investor in a few different restaurants, successfully trades stocks, and leads a YouTube channel all about investment options.

This episode covers a wide array of insights, including:

  • Income streams discussed in Mark Loeffler’s YouTube channel such as stock options, dividend investing, small business investment, private lending, amongst more
  • Market updates - “Is the crash coming?”
  • Loeffler’s latest multifamily investing experience in Western Canada during the pandemic
  • Cap rates and turn key strategies being used in Alberta
  • Multifamily investing in Hamilton, Ontario
  • Finding the right team to network and invest with
  • Beginning steps to stock trading 


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Connect with our guest:

Mark Loeffler - Real Estate Sales Representative and Award-Winning Investor

Youtube: The Mark Loeffler Experience 

Instagram: @livin_the_dream_40

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