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The Canadian Multifamily Investing Podcast

Aug 5, 2020

Having started with a single condo rental in 1997 and scaling to a $125,000,000 portfolio of over 1000 units, Thomas Beyer shares his story of the ups and downs of building an empire.  The moral of the story - it takes time, persistence and calculated risks. From single family to apartment buildings, new developments and mobile home parks - this episode is chalked full of actionable insights.


In this episode we unveiled:

  • Why apartment buildings are at the core of a successful growth strategy
  • Why the ‘value-add’ (buy ugly, fix, refinance) strategy may be the most profitable one in multifamily
  • That most of the effort in apartment building investing is front-end loaded 
  • A look at the US apartment building market
  • Why mobile home parks are being considered as an investment vehicle


Connect With Our Guest:

Thomas Beyer - President and CEO, Prestigious Properties


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Twitter: @ThomasBeyer



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