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The Canadian Multifamily Investing Podcast

Oct 22, 2020

In this episode, we look into what the transition from single family to multifamily investing looks like in Western Canada. If you’re interested in getting started investing in apartment buildings but aren’t sure how to, this episode is for you!

With over 15 years of experience, hosts Mark and Mike interview James Knull -  Owner and Realtor at Mogul Realty Group - to highlight what his experience has been like investing in over 250 units across 14 different properties.

James is also a passionate and experienced leader who mentors other investors. He takes his role as leader of the Mogul team seriously, striving to inspire everyone to make real estate the vehicle that drives them to success.


In this interview, we talked about:

  • What James’ transition from single family to multifamily investing looked like
  • Shareholder agreements with JV partners to raise capital
  • All about James’ latest deal closing; a 24-unit in Edmonton with CMHC insured mortgage 
  • Advice on networking and finding multifamily deals
  • The relationship between Edmonton’s current CAP and turnover rates
  • Covid-19 clauses and how these have influenced the process of closing deals
  • Advice and resources for those looking to get involved in apartment building investing


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Connect With Our Guest:

James Knull – Owner and Realtor, Mogul Realty Group

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