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The Canadian Multifamily Investing Podcast

Dec 18, 2019

Multifamily apartment building investing has long been an asset class experienced and new investors rely on to build long-term generational wealth.

This podcast is dedicated to educating people about commercial multifamily / apartment building investing in Canada.

Hosts Mark Baltazar and Mike Rockall will interview a wide range of guests, highlighting specific topics that will help passive and active investors gain a better understanding of the multifamily space, helping them make better informed investment decisions.  

A wide range of topics will be covered including:

  • How to get into your first apartment building deal  
  • The mindset required to level-up in multifamily
  • Why apartment buildings are best suited to build generational wealth
  • Scaling up with systems and building a team
  • Apartment building financing
  • Raising capital from partners to purchase buildings
  • The role of cash flow, appreciation and mortgage paydown
  • The different strategies an investor can employ
  • The various ways deals get structured
  • And much much more


Have a listen and leave your comments and rating below.


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