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The Canadian Multifamily Investing Podcast

Dec 18, 2019

Longtime real estate investor Steve Meade talks about the driving force behind growing his portfolio - his WHY.  Starting in the single-family buy and hold space, Steve quickly moved to multifamily apartment buildings as the ‘fast track’ to building generational wealth and helping local communities by providing safe, clean and affordable housing.

Living daily by the philosophy “Your wealth is a reflection of the value you bring to the marketplace,'' Steve shares his path to building wealth through commercial multifamily investing.

This interview showcases key insights all investors can learn from:

  • Digging into his most recent 15-unit purchase for $1,325,000 in Kingston, Ontario and how he was able to acquire it with $175,000 in equity from day 1 and is on track to creating $1,000,000 in wealth.
  • The value of a thorough due diligence process and how it can help reduce the purchase price - adding value to the deal from the beginning
  • The cost of renovations needed to reposition the building to attract higher rents, while ensuring you don’t over or under-invest - knowing your market.
  • Leveraging your network to tackle problems that will arise when operating apartment building projects.  
  • Ensuring “Real estate is working for you not the other way around”

 “Your network is your net worth”


Resources discussed in this episode:

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book, Robert Kiy (include link to amazon)

Real Estate Investing in Canada, By Don Campbell


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