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The Canadian Multifamily Investing Podcast

May 27, 2020

Successful real estate entrepreneur, apartment building investor and prominent YouTube channel host - Matt McKeever - connected with us to share why and how he is growing a portfolio of apartment buildings.

Tune in to this episode for some clear action steps to grow your portfolio!


In this episode, we talked about many things, including:

  • Why networking is still one of the most important ways to source off-market apartment building deals
  • Ways to work with tenants to help expedite turnover in value-add strategy projects
  • Different ways to raise and structure capital raised from investors
  • The critical skill that all apartment building investors need to succeed: CREATIVITY!


Connect with our guest:

Matt McKeever - CPA, CA, and Real Estate Investor 


Instagram: @mattmckeever85

FaceBook: @mattmckeever85



Connect with us:

Mark Baltazar - Co-Founder, Peak Multifamily Investments


Instagram: @mark_baltazar



Mike Rockall - Co-Founder, Peak Multifamily Investments




Peak Multifamily Investments

Instagram: @PeakMultifamily

Facebook: Apartment Building Investors Network 


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